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Maritime Transport (Tranche)

Mycos International Shipping Company is one of the pioneers in international shipping and transit freight forwarding services. Mikko International Transport Complex employs experienced and experienced personnel to transport your goods by sea in the shortest possible time and at low cost. Mycos International Freight Forwarding Offers Freight Forwarding by Freight Forwarding in LCL and FCL. Experience sea transportation with us at the Nile Assault complex:

The benefits of using our shipping service are as follows:
– Reliable service with competitive rates
– High standard in global service
– Special and constant transit time containing all conditions in the transport chain
– Exceptional price / performance ratio
– High degree of flexibility

Our services also meet the following requirements:
 Integration Services
Pickup and transportation by truck
Follow up and care
Customs clearance
delivery at your location
 Transportation of high-risk cargo
Export / Import LCL / FCL
Compilation of export documents
Insurance & Documentation
Customs clearance in export and import
 Multi-state transport

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