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Import and export of goods

Import and export of goods is one of the most important factors in any country’s economic life cycle. The term “import” refers to the act of importing or supplying goods into the customs territory of a country. Exporting is referred to as the act of transporting or sending or sending goods domestically or internally from abroad. According to Iran’s export and import laws, export and import goods are divided into three categories: Authorized goods: Goods that do not require authorization and entry, Contingent goods: These are goods that require authorization to enter and export. Prohibited goods: refers to goods that are prohibited from entering or exporting under Islamic law or the laws of the Islamic Republic. The State may prohibit the export and import of a good under certain laws or special conditions. The market provides a product for marketers and sales experts. The Nile Assa International Shipping Company imports and exports your goods in accordance with customs rules and regulations in the shortest possible time.

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